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Kevin Rue

Associate Pastor

I wasn’t raised in a home that knew Christ. As a matter of fact, I didn’t know who Jesus was or even the purpose of a church building until I entered one at the age of 11. My older brother was invited by a friend to his youth group and a few months later I tagged along as the jealous, curious little brother. Needless to say, God got ahold of me and my life would eventually reflect that in my later teens. God took this kid from an unchurched home, and awakened him to the fact that Christ came so that he might have life…and abundantly so. To this day, I’m truly amazed that Christ took my sin and gave me His righteousness!

After graduating with a music degree from college, I served in different ministries around the US, but wanted to deepen my understanding of God’s word and serve in a local church. Just as I started seminary in the Fall of 2014, my wife Jackie and our two children, Josh and Ella, started worshipping with Shawnee Baptist Church. After graduating from Knox Theological Seminary in May 2019, God provided an opportunity for me to serve as one of the pastors at Shawnee. It’s truly been a blessing for my family to worship with this group of people.

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